We Made A WORLD Record for Great Cloth Diaper Change!!

Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia

The 39 parents and their babies, with the committee members, Dynas Mokhtar and Puan Zatul Hijanah during the Great Cloth Diaper Change event at Scriptory Box, Puchong on 23 April 2011!

(Photo Credit: Aizat Asyraf Photography.)

Congratulations to the 39 babies (and their mom/dad too of course!) for participating in the event that we organized with the Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents group on Facebook. We exceeded the minimum requirement of 25 babies, and all the other terms, and WE MADE IT TO THE GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS(TM) for most cloth diapers changed simultaneously! With over 400 locations worldwide, and perhaps with 10,000 other babies, we have done it!

Dynas & Puan Zatul at GCDC

Celebrity and boutique owner Dynas Mokhtar and Puan Zatul Hijanah from Mami & Baby magazine were our witnesses and VIPs for the event. Thank you!

(Photo Credit: Aizat Asyraf Photography.)

Well done to the determined parents who came over even at midnight to participate in this event. Malaysia is the ONLY location in the world to conduct a MIDNIGHT event. We truly appreciate your attendance (and even those who came from Perak & Melaka), and we hope you enjoyed being a part of this historic moment!

For more info and updates about the latest tally of participants from all over the world, please visit Great Cloth Diaper Change’s website. To view more pictures from the event in Puchong, please visit our Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/ClothDiaperMalaysia

Great Cloth Diaper Change Malaysia 1

During the Great Cloth Diaper Change. These babies were changed simultaneously along with 10,000 babies all over the world! Such a historic moment!!!

(Photo Credit: Aizat Asyraf Photography.)

Great Cloth Diaper Change 2

And we are all DONE!! 39 babies successfully changed into cloth diapers for a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD(TM) attempt!

(Photo Credit: Aizat Asyraf Photography.)

This event couldn’t be possible without all our committee members who have worked SO VERY HARD since 2 months before- planning, brainstorming, looking for sponsors, searching for media coverage, handling the the Sales Bazaar during the day, moderating the Great Cloth Diaper Change event itself, setting up the place (and cleaning too after everyone left!) Thank you so much for all your efforts, initiatives, patience, determination, sincerity, ideas, support…. You are the main people that should be celebrated! May Allah bless all of you, and it has been a pleasure working on this event with you!

Here’s a BIG SHOUTOUT to GCDC’s Committee:

Hanz Jamaludin, Finaz Mokhtar, Dotty Latiff, Shida Shahida, Ariffah Edora, Salbi Syed, Nik Medaistore, Farrah Rahim, Kaklong Nuzula, Chin Li & Karishma Tiwari

Thank you to these people who have also helped us greatly in organizing this event: Along Nurazlina, Kay & Hariz from Scriptory Box, Watie from Genius Baby on Board, Euphoria GBS, Nur Fathinatul Huda, Intan Zuraini Hasan,Dynas Mokhtar, Puan Zatul Hijanah, all our family members who have been so supportive and also helped during the event, Leong Siok Hui from The Star, Siti Zarinah from Harian Metro, Azli from Wanita Hari Ini (TV3) and all other mummies from Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents group on Facebook who have helped out before and during the event!

Great Cloth Diaper Change Supporters

That’s me posing shamelessly in front of our event banner, proudly displaying all of our SUPPORTERS :)

(Photo Credit: Aizat Asyraf Photography.)

And not forgetting all our SUPPORTERS (please click link to view all of them), who have generously contributed for the event. Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts and prizes, goodie bag items & monetary support for this event. This event was organized solely on all the support we could get, and we are thankful that we managed to successfully pulled it off! Thank you to all the committee members who have searched high and lo for these wonderful companies :)

Were you there during the event? I’m sorry if I didn’t personally say Hi to you… If you have blogged about the event, please leave a comment below with your URL and share your experience with others! :-D

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