Come join us at “GCDC’s Eco & Health Friendly Sales Bazaar!”

(Map to our location, Scriptory Box. Please click picture to view larger image).

Malaysian Cloth Diapering Parents (MCDP) and Cloth Diaper Malaysia will be organizing the “GCDC’s Eco & Health Friendly Sales Bazaar” to help raise funds for The the “Great Cloth Diaper Change, Malaysia” event.

***HURRY! Freebies/Door Gifts for EARLY BIRDS (while stocks last!)***

***First 10 PREGNANT MUMS who come to the event will receive a special gift pack from Mama Organix and BluCotton!***

REMINDER: In conjunction with EARTH DAY Celebrations & NO PLASTIC BAG DAY for Selangor, this event fully encourages GREEN LIVING. Therefore, please bring your own shopping bags and cutleries (plates, cups, fork & spoon) to the event! Plastic/Reusable/Paper Bags and Disposable cutleries will be available with a minimum donation fee which will go to the Event’s Funds. Take note!! :-)



(Please RSVP at the Facebook Event Page to Get More Updates)

10:00 am – Sales Bazaar starts. Free Door Gifts for Early Birds & Pregnant Mums (First come first served)!

11:00am – 11:40am“Babywearing Talk & Demo” by Farrah Rahim & Adriana Thani (Malaysian Babywearers). Prize Giving Ceremony for Babywearing Giveaway.

11:45am – 12:30pm – Talk titled “Breastfeeding in Public” by DYNAS MOKTAR (Celebrity & owner of women’s fashion & breastfeeding line, DnA Boutique). Lucky Draw session 1.

12:30 pm – Dynas Moktar tours all Sales Booths. Vendors prepare their booths to receive celebrity guest.

12:45 pm – Refreshments/Solat Break.

1.00pm-1.50pm – Talk & Demo titled “Cloth Diapering Basics/Asas-asas Menggunakan Lampin Kain Moden” by Farhana Fadzil (Cloth Diaper Malaysia) & Ayesha (Bella Posh Bowtique).

Lucky Draw Session 2.

2:00pm-2:40pm – Talk titled “Should I consider Using Cloth Pads?” by Anja Juliah (BluCotton).

Lucky Draw Session 3.

2:45pm-3:30pm – Talk titled “Choosing the Right Cloth Diapers for Beginners” by Lynn (Ummi Creates).

Lucky Draw Session 4.

3:35pm – 4:20pm - Talk titled “Toxic Free Home” by Celia (Baby & Mama Organix).

Lucky Draw Session 5.

5.00pmEnd of Sales Bazaar. All day activities to end by 5.30 pm to enable preparation for “Great Cloth Diaper Change” event for the night.


GCDC babies



1. BluCotton + Bisky Bosky – Malaysian brands of homemade cloth pads.
2. Baby & Mama Organix – Malaysian brand of natural and plant-based products for mum & baby.
3. – Baby, mom & organic and natural products.

4. Bummia Kids – Cloth diapers (BambooLite, Sunny Baby, Babyland, QQ Baby)

5. Ummi Creates + Baby Snowdrop – Malaysian WAHM homemade cloth diapers,& cloth pads, embroidery and mending services.
6. + Bella Posh Bowtique – Malaysian brands of cloth diapers & homemade cloth diapers, cloth pads, little one’s accessories and dresses.
7. Maybel’s Closet + Crystal Princess Cottage - Malaysian WAHM homemade cloth diapers, cloth/burp wipes, baby swaddler, blankets, and other baby items.
8. SEXY Spa – Traditional and natural spa and beauty products, hand massage for mummies & baby massage.

9. Sentuhan Bayu – Cloth diapers (BlueBerry Diapers, Happy Heinys & Thirsties on SALE! Other brands: BumGenius, Econobum, Flip Diapering System, WeeHuggers, Bayu Diapers, Envibum).
10. Scriptory Box – Nursing baju kurung, and many interesting products, items and knick knacks for mummy, kids & babies, and the home.
11. Great Cloth Diaper Change booth – Fund raising booth for the event, featuring limited edition GCDC merchandise like t-shirts and reusable bags, plus light refreshments.


Come learn more about these awesome products and brands.Let’s celebrate EARTH DAY together and join in the fun, and invite all your friends too. Learn more about how you can help save the earth and also live a healthier lifestyle. Be aware and empowered – change to eco & health friendly products today.

For more info, please visit and

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