Review: Angel Mel Collections Hot Mama Nursing Pads

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Hot Mama Nursing Pads are luxuriously made of 3 layers: Organic bamboo velour, Organic hemp & 100% Merino wool. These are some of the many fun prints you can choose from.

As promised (after the previous review of Cuddly Buddies), here is my next review for Angel Mel Collections’ new product range: the Hot Mama Nursing Pads.

Before that, here’s a little bit about my Breastfeeding Journey so far:

  1. I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby for 6 months plus now.
  2. I pump early in the morning and right before going to bed to reduce engorgement, and also to have some expressed breast milk stock as back up to use when I’m not with baby.
  3. I experience overactive let-down reflex (forceful spraying of milk during breasfeeding), and occasional leaks when I miss a breastfeeding session.
  4. I have been a user of reusable/washable breast pads because I think disposable ones are uncomfortable.


These are some reasons why I think disposable nursing/breast pads are a waste, and maybe bad for your health too. These are also why I use them 100% now!

  • Do you realize how expensive a box of disposable nursing pads are in the market? After calculation, they are around RM1 for just one piece!
  • It is quite a waste for your money, and also for the environment, since you are only using nursing pads for a few hours before throwing them away.
  • The plastic waterproof backing on the disposable nursing pads are NOT breathable! Just like using disposable pads, they give a feeling of sweatiness and stickiness after some time, ideal grounds for infections and irritations. Having natural materials against your skin, especially so your BREASTS, is healthier and more comfortable too.
  • What are in those disposables? Again, nobody knows for sure. Apart from the synthetic materials like plastics and adhesives, what sort of “absorbent material” do they use inside to suck up the moisture? I’ve cut up a disposable breast pad before and found out that they were SYNTHETIC GELS (maybe Sodium Polyacrylate and Tribulytin (TBT)! Eew…
  • If you want to read up more about why I think disposable care products are sucky in general, read about “Are Sanitary Pads/Tampons/Diapers Dangerous?”

These are the absorbent gels commonly used in disposable products. [source]


  • Made from: Organic bamboo velour (top layer), Organic hemp (inner core), 100% Merino wool (back layer) & 100% Flannel in designer prints (outer part).
  • Natural & organic fabrics used are chemical free, anti-bacterial, breathable, helps minimize skin sores and irritations.
  • Comes in a wide variety of fun and stylish prints! (as seen in first picture above)

I received 1 pair Hot Mama Nursing Pads in Yellow Flowers (shown below) for reviewing.


  1. Obviously, the prints were the first thing that caught my eye. When I saw the other patterns available, I was already thinking whichI want next ;)
  2. Noticed that the nursing pads were not smooth in shape on the outside. It has a slightly pointed tip (like a mini version of Madonna’s outfit in the 80s, hehe)


I used them during the day (around 4-5 hours), and all through the night (~10 hours). I  accidentally placed them in the washing machine for prewash, and after it come out, the fabric at the seams seems to frill a little bit. Oops!


  1. As I expected from an Angel Mel Collections product, the choice of designer prints are simply irresistable! It really makes you feel pretty and sexy (and only you’ll know it ;) )
  2. The previous type of nursing pads I have used were cellulose material (a bit rigid and unsoft), so to have soft bamboo velour against my skin is a very pleasant change. It definitely feels more comfortable.
  3. It has pretty good absorbency probably due to Hemp material, and I don’t feel like I have to change the pads after each feeding session (even though I have overactive let-down problem).
  4. It can last around 5 hours (or more, depending on milk supply) before it feels “wet”, so it’s quite suitable for outings too – for missed feeding sessions/engorgement/nursing in public.


  1. Personally, I prefer my nursing pads to be contoured so it would be smooth on the outside. Tnurse ihe pointed tip of these pads might make it visible over your bra and any tight clothing.
  2. I considered them a little bulky due to the many layers. This makes drying time slightly longer compared to my other brands of reusable nursing pads.
  3. I would prefer the nursing pads to be wider/large in size so it would sit nicely in the bra and wouldn’t shift around too much. This would also make it more comfortable, to have more bamboo velour  fabric against the , and for better coverage too :)
  4. They’re a little too delicate to be washed in the washing machine, so you have to spend some time to hand wash them.
  5. For those used to disposable nursing pads, these are NOT waterproof, so you might experience leaks if you wear them for extended hours (Mine was wet after I used it through the night – I had engorgement).



I am a firm believer that reusable products are better than disposables. For those new to reusable nursing pads, yes, they are an investment in the beginning (just like cloth diapers), but you can really save a lot of money in the long run. And consider the health benefits too! Since they’re reusable, they might add up to your laundry, but have a good stash in hand so you can rotate their usage and have some spares too.

Angel Mel Collections’ Hot Mama Nursing Pads are really pretty compared to your usual nursing pads, but I suggest you have one or two of these to wear outside, or even at home to make you feel not only cheerful and pretty, but also for its function – comfort, health benefits and absorbency :)

Hot Mama Nursing Pads are available from the Baby, Mom & Organic products online store It can also be obtained with 20% introductory discount from their booth at the 6th Parenthood Expo, from 20-22 August 2010 happening at Midvalley!

Stay tuned for another new Angel Mel Collections product review from me in the next few days!

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