Bamboolite: Featured Cloth Diaper of June!

We’re already halfway in the year 2010! And another new month also signifies another Featured Cloth Diaper on Cloth Diaper Malaysia. This month, we are featuring BAMBOOLITE Cloth Diapers: Pamper Your Baby with Natural & Soft Bamboo!

BambooLite is a small family-run business based in Penang (hooray to another proudly Malaysian brand!) They specialize in products made from bamboo fabric, and their current product line includes Cloth Diapers, Diapering Essentials and Organic Essentials. Their mission is to provide the highest quality product at the most affordable price.


For those of you unfamiliar with bamboo fabric, here are some info for your knowledge:

  • It’s best for baby with sensitive skin
  • Helps to prevent nappy rash
  • Has anti-bacterial properties
  • Highly absorbent
  • Thermal regulating
  • Soft and comfortable

*All bamboo fabric products from BambooLite are made from bamboo yarn that meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirements (an international testing and certification system for textiles).


BambooLite has 2 unique types of Cloth Diapers, branded as “CM-TrueFit PUL” (Pocket Diapers) and “CM-TrueFit Fitted” (Fitted Diapers). What’s special about them is that they are interchangeable and upgradeable without the need of buying new diapers for different baby’s needs and as he grows. A recommendation is to start with 1 CM-TrueFit PUL Lite and 1 CM-TrueFit Fitted Premium. With just these 2 types of diapers, one can have all the combinations to try out and know exactly what their babies need.

Apart from that, BambooLite diapers:

  1. Are specially designed and innovated by a mother
  2. Is truly adjustable with unlimited settings (watch the video here)
  3. Will not leave red marks on baby
  4. Has a no leak design
  5. Is made from soft and luxurious bamboo velour

Let’s check out more about BambooLite diapers, CM-TrueFit PUL” and CM-TrueFit Fitted”:

1) CM-TRUEFIT PUL (Pocket Diapers)

a) CM-TrueFit PUL Lite (with Hybrid Insert*)

  • For medium to heavy wetter baby
  • Suitable for everyday use

b) CM-TrueFit PUL Extra (with Foldover Insert**)

  • For heavy to super heavy wetter baby
  • Suitable for nighttime and outings

2) CM-TRUEFIT FITTED (Fitted Diapers)

a) CM-TrueFit Fitted Lite (with Hybrid Insert*)

  • For heavy wetter baby
  • Suitable for everyday use

b) CM-TrueFit Fitted Premium (with Foldover Insert** and bamboo booster)

  • For super heavy wetter baby
  • Suitable for nighttime and outings

*Hybrid insert made with 3 layers of superfine microfibre terry and top with a layer of very soft natural undyed bamboo fleece (4 layers altogether)

**Foldover insert is made of 2 layers of heavyweight yet soft bamboo fleece and one layer of soft bamboo velour (6 layers altogether when folded)


  • Project SAGM (Stay-Alone-Grand-Ma) – Provides grandmothers who live alone in villages or small towns business opportunities
  • All products are made locally, proudly made in Malaysia!
  • Aims to raise and promote environmental awareness and education to local community
  • For every BambooLite item that you purchase, a minimum of RM1.00 will be donated to those in need.
  • Products uses natural, Certified Organic and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 fabrics


They are available from BambooLite Retailers here (you may also refer to the complete Retailer list here):

Just Simply Baby, MyLittleToro, Moms Basic, Sayang Baby Ibu, House of Cloth Diapers, Baby My Luv Online and LovelyGoody

For more information about these unique, specially designed Cloth Diapers, please visit

UPDATE!!! Read my own comprehensive personal review of BambooLite diapers here: BambooLite CM-TrueFit Diapers Review.

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  1. qay Says:

    I have been using Bamboolite for a while,the old version and the new version is much much better and rowks…I simply suggest for other mums to try these…

    PS: you also can get the Cd from my online stores..

  2. Marsha Says:

    I already used Bamboolite old version & my baby wear it nightime almost 12 hrs but not leak. So suprised me!! Now I alraedy order new version. Can’t wait to try….:)

  3. farheavena Says:

    Hi ladies, Thanks for mentioning that you are users of BambooLite. I look forward to reviewing them soon :)

  4. mummyalesya Says:

    must give this a try since we have good review here.

  5. adiqsu Says:

    the CM-TrueFit PUL is a pocket or AI2?

  6. Yunne Osman Says:

    I just bought CM-TrueFit PUL Lite.. (from Just Simply Baby.. tq Asya)..
    the material.. so soft.. I just washed once (kes tak sabar).. and put on my baby at night.. from 10pm until 6:30 am.. no leaking.. my baby seems very comfortable in the CD.. 2 thumbs up..
    looking forward to buy some more.. :)

  7. farheavena Says:

    Why not head on to the many BambooLite retailers listed above to try one today ;)

    CM-TrueFit PUL is a pocket diaper. Although, since the insert is bamboo, I think you can use as AI2 too? Yet to try..

    I just prewashed mine too, can’t wait to try.Bt just washed once and no leaks? Not bad :)

  8. BambooLite Says:

    Am glad to hear the good experience you all had with BambooLite diapers. Thank you.

    CM-TrueFit PUL is a pocket diaper.
    For CM-TrueFit Extra it comes with Foldover Insert(a 6-layer bamboo insert). You can stuff the insert inside the pocket for a neater look or just lay over on top(like AI2) for convenient.
    For CM-TrueFit Lite it comes with Hybrid Insert(a 1-layer bamboo + 3-layer microfibre insert). We recommend placing the Hybrid insert into the pocket to avoid any chances of microfibre touching your baby’s skin. (Microfibre can dry out baby skin and may cause rashes, so it’s not advisable to be used directly next to baby skin)

    CM-TrueFit Fitted is also designed to be used as pocket or AI2(with Foldover Insert and Bamboo Booster).

    CM-TrueFit diaper design is flexible where you can stuff your normal insert/booster into the pocket and still enjoy the benefit of only the soft bamboo velour fabric is touching your baby skin.

    Now we have more retailers where you can buy BambooLite products. Check out for a complete list of our Authorized Retailer.

  9. ann Says:

    do we still need to use an extra diaper cover when using the bamboolite diapers?

  10. ClothDiaperMalaysia Says:


    If you are using CM-TrueFit Pocket Diapers, you DON’T need to use additional diaper cover because it is already waterproof.

    However, if you use CM-TrueFit Fitted Diapers, you might require a diaper cover if you plan to use it for longer periods of time because it is not waterproof.

  11. ann Says:

    thanks for the explanation

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