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Another new month signifies another Featured Shop on Cloth Diaper Malaysia. This month, we are featuring the online store specializing in baby, mom and organic products –!

The Story of

Angelia Yoon, the owner of, has a strong personal interest in leading a healthy lifestyle for her 3 young children and family. Having children with specific health problems (eczema), she realizes the importance of using non-toxic and safe products for her family. She fully consumes organic food products and uses no detergents in her household (Instead, she utilizes The Green Pocket Laundry Ball for her laundry.)

Being a stay at home mom to 3 kids can make life hectic, even going out for shopping can be a tiresome activity. She discovers that online shopping is a great solution because it saves a lot of time, which can be filled with other important family-related tasks. No need to go through the hassle and traffic jams just to buy some items in the mall!

With all these in mind, Angelia launched in end of March 2009. She emphasizes on quality and functionality, and all products are hand-picked and tested before being put up for sale on the website.  The online store holds on to the philosophy of providing convenience, quality and variety to mothers.

What Can You Shop for at is a one-stop online shopping store for moms and babies. It also has an informative blog which shares information about mother’s and baby’s health. They are also working towards wholesaling their own brand and imported products. Currently, their products can be found in retail outlets in 1 Utama, Mid Valley, Tropicana City, Bangsar Village and Hartamas Shopping Complex.

Head on over to to get items like breastfeeding needs, certified organic food, baby feeding needs, baby care products and of course – CLOTH DIAPERS and their accessories! :-D The Cloth Diaper brands sold are Knickernappies, Bottombumpers and Fuzzibunz. Apart from that, you can get their own brand of Cloth Diaper accessories by Angel Mel Collections, such as wetbags and organic bamboo baby wipes too.


Product Feature: KNICKERNAPPIES One-Size Pocket Diapers

What’s great about Knickernappies?

  • Side snapping diapers which comes with 2 inserts (sizes small & large) – ALL are Made in USA!
  • 4 size adjustments: Small, Medium Short, Medium, and Large.
  • Scooped tummy panel & top stitching: Best fit under chubby baby bellies
  • Elastic on both sides of the pocket opening holds insert in place
  • Very gentle Lastin elastic in the leg and waist: Leaves no red marks on baby & it’s long lasting and can’t “go out” like regular elastic
  • Two Year Guarantee on elastic and snaps
  • Winner of the 2009 Best Products Award!

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Let’s Learn More About Knickenappies’ Inserts:

Features of Inserts


LoopyDo© Prewashed Insert

Super Do Insert


3 layers ultra-thick microfiber. 2 layers hemp french terry + 2 layers ultra-thick microfiber: very highly absorbent! 6 layers hemp terry + 2 layers of ultra-thirsty microfiber: even more absorbent than 2 microfiber inserts together.


Top rated inserts on Diaper Pin, a favorite among cloth diaper moms worldwide. Currently the #1 rated insert on Diaper Pin!

What’s So Special?

- Made in USA.

- Each Knickernappies diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts (small & large size).

- Fits in most brands of pocket diapers.


- Made in USA.

-The hemp has been prewashed! Can be used immediately and washed right away with all of your diapers!

- Sewn in a loop so they are fast drying.


- Made in USA.

- An ideal insert for heavy wetters and overnight use.

- The hemp has also been prewashed to avoid shrinking.

Superdoo’s Personal Comments on KNICKERNAPPIES Diapers:

  • They are more budget-friendly because they are One-Sized diapers
  • The unique side snapping feature allows more flexibility for baby’s movements.
  • Provides baby a smooth tummy appearance and the material is very soft. This doesn’t bulk over the stomach and creates comfort for tummy sleeper baby.
  • It suits bigger sized babies and work well as training pants for toddlers who are ready for potty training .

What offers:

  • Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diapers in 9 colours (Chocolate, Turquoise, Baby Blue, Butter, Raspberry, Red, Violet, Celery & Blue).
  • Each diaper comes with 2 microfiber/LoopyDo inserts.
  • Additional inserts can also be purchased separetely.
  • FREE POSTAGE nationwide and a welcome gift for first time customers!

It’s the prefect time to stock up your Cloth Diaper collection with some from Knickernappies! Get them here: Knickernappies Cloth Diapers on

Question: Has anyone tried these Knickernappies pocket diapers? Share your experiences here! :)

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  1. MieVee@MummysReviews Says:

    We love Knickernappies with Loopy-Dos!!! They are our main day-time and outdoor diapers. Detailed review at

  2. Julie Says:

    I love Knickernappies! They really did fit all the way through potty training and I love the front panel is solid pul and great if you have little ones who like to sleep on their tummy’s because they leak less than diapers with front closures.

  3. farheavena Says:

    Great review MieVee,

    The Loopy Doos must be really good, if not they wouldn’t be top rated inserts at Diaper Pin!

    I love the fact that they’re side snapping, it wouldn’t bulk up at the stomach too!

  4. Hanz Says:

    We love KND with Loopy-Do! Our night-time diapering straight for 12 hours without any issues!

  5. farheavena Says:

    Wow, 12 hours? That’s a great testimonial for Knickernappies alright!

  6. SentuhanBayu Says:

    12 hours?? For baby how old? My tod is already past 18 months, and even mamipoko can’t hold it overnight. And guess what, even at 9 months mamipoko can’t hold overnight either. LOL, she pees a lot. So that pretty much describe how super wetter she is. So now I put her on BG & change at 12.30 am, 3.30am & at 6.30am. That has been well since month 9 till last week. Lately, by that time it already super soaked. My god , where were all those pee come from :-P .

  7. farheavena Says:

    I have yet to find the ideal night time diapering system for my baby. Probabyly I should try out this brand? :)

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