My 10 Problems in Cloth Diapering a Newborn

*This post is part of the Cloth Diaper Carnival VII:  Newborn Cloth Diapering at Dirty Diaper Laundry*

So sorry about the very long absence… But it was not for a better reason – I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Rafee 1 week ago! So imagine the hectic-ness I have to undergo for this while, I hope Cloth Diaper Malaysia readers would understand :)

Just so you know, one of the many reasons I started Cloth Diaper Malaysia, apart from wanting to promote and encourage Cloth Diapering to Malaysians, was to also prepare myself with the knowledge to Cloth Diaper my newborn baby. I researched, read and wrote articles related to Cloth Diapers for myself, and also to share with the others about Cloth Diapering.

UNFORTUNATELY, I learnt that theory and practical were two VERY different things. Despite the preparations I made, my Cloth Diapering journey with my newborn wasn’t so smooth sailing and easy.

Here were some of the problems about Cloth Diapering a newborn that I have encountered, which were oh-so frustrating!

1) None of my bought cloth diapers seem to fit my small newborn!

Apparently I was too cautious, not wanting to buy Extra Small sizes because I thought “they wouldn’t last too long.”

2) My prefolds and diaper cover plan to cloth diaper my newborn was a failure.

How silly of me, I have a stash of prefold diapers that were Regulars (again, I thought buying Infant size would be a waste) which did not fit my newborn at all, NOR did they even fit in ANY of the XS or S sized diaper covers that I had.

3) Leaking problems!

Again, this was a sizing issue, even with a small sized Fitted Diaper. I was breastfeeding one time, and my boy leaked all over my lap, grr!!
4) My little boy LOVES pooping on freshly changed diapers.

Happened so many times after I put on a clean diaper, to find out that minutes later he “felt” like the diapers were just too nice not to poop on immediately!

5) My social support system wasn’t really so “supportive”.

My husband was joking with me that I put so much effort in wanting to Cloth Diaper, but apparently so many things tend to go wrong! And I don’t think my mother in law was into the idea of Cloth Diapers too much either!

6) The cloth diapers were so bulky!

On a tiny newborn, almost everything I put on makes my baby an awkward sumo wrestler on his crotch (which didn’t look too comfortable). I was critcized again about this by my social support system, heh.

7) Could I even be bothered with laundry right now??

Cloth Diapering requires ULTIMATE care, but seriously, with a million other things to do with the baby the first month, should I really put so much effort in it?

8 ) I couldn’t figure out how to Snappi lampins (or prefold for that matter) properly.

In the end I gave up. Needs more practice. Sigh.

9) My “one sized” pocket diapers were not really “one sized fits all”.

It certainly did not fit on too well on my newborn. Even at the smallest setting, it was still huge and left gaps at the legs. :(

10) My apartment laundry area had no direct contact with the sun.

So the stains on the diapers couldn’t benefit from the sunlight. Also, they take ages to dry. Sigh….

So I guess my cloth diaper start was bumpy indeed. Will it stop me from trying? Of course not! After all is sorted, I’m ditching those darn disposable diapers! But now with breastfeeding, identifying baby’s needs and wants, trying to get enough rest, being a zombie during the day…. It’s going to be tough indeed!

But never mind, the good news is, my little baby is born healthy and happy! :)

filipbirthannouncement copy

(Thanks Adriana for making the birth announcement! :-D )

*UPDATE! One month after I got used to the craziness of becoming a new parent, my Cloth Diapering journey was more successful… Read about how I did in this post: My Newborn Prefold Experience. Yay!!!

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  1. siti serenity Says:

    hi farhana…i sympathize with you, but i do understand your problem. what is your son’s birthweight? my baby was born very very tiny, 2.5 kg. so she has problem even fitting into disposables, because even the newborn dispo was still big on her!

    couldn’t comment on the prefolds because did not use them. but i did use normal lampin (flats) with fleece cover and the pocket diaper as a cover. put the lampin like normal and put the cover around her. the lampin will cover around the thigh area, so it makes it snug and therefore less leakage at the thigh. but number 4 problem is unavoidable, what to do, breastfed baby :)

    hang in there! everything new will have its learning curve. once he is one month, it will get easier :)

    one word of caution though, if you use dispo, they can still leaks, and in my experience , dispo leaks was as bad. they leak from the back, and i totally hate it. plus they can make ur baby “melecet” over the waist as well.

    grobaby is quite good with smallish baby. can use it as a cover for your prefold as well.

  2. liza Says:

    dear Farhana,

    nb im using normal lampin also (flat). and yes bb poop anytime anywhere even tengah change d diaper. that y need more flat in the first month. im also slot with DD(grrr hate that) and CD (;) i dun care much about bulky hehehe. my girl borne 2.8 kg and thanks god she fit in coolababy and babyland n crazy momy. maybe becoz she doesnt move too much. but never give up in using CD. good luck farhana and congratulation again

  3. farhana Says:

    Yeah… I think right now despite anything I’m more concerned with getting enough rest and also I have a million things on my mind. Also, Iwant to launder the CDs myself, but couldn’t think when to fit in laundering responsibilities for now!

    My baby is not SO small actually, 3.2kg. But I don’t know, it’s just me I suppose I feel like everything is so bulky (and so does husband who doesn’t think we should concentrate so much on using CDs :( )

  4. Name Says:


    slowly dear. it still early stage.. get more rest ok.

  5. MieVee@MummysReviews Says:

    Congratulations on your newborn!

    Just addressed your 10 obstacles on my blog here:

    Happy cloth-diapering & take care! :)

  6. siti serenity Says:

    true true. better u use dispo until everything settled. rest as much as possible and enjoy bonding with ur baby. dont forget to seek help if u have bfeeding problem

  7. Name Says:

    Hi Farhana! Congrats on your lil bundle of joy!
    Can’t really be an assistance as I started Cd-ing when my boy already 5mths. If Grobaby & Rumparooz G2 still not fit, guess u prioritize your health, BF & rest dear. Take care!

  8. KittyCat Says:

    Congratulations on your baby boy!

    Thankfully, I didn’t buy any newborn CDs and was lucky to receive one from Bumwear for review.

    It’s actually a great diaper cover used with a nappy liner and lampin :) Read about it here:

    I’ve also been using Bumgenius 3.0 on her as it is. It works well but I find I still need to soak the CD after a poo session.

    Best way to cloth diaper a newborn? Nappy liners with lampin and a diaper cover :) Even the babysitter is OK with this

    Will share more after the Chinese New Year…

  9. Aini Says:


    Congratulations for your newborn.
    And, thanks a lot for sharing the information on “Cloth Diapering A Newborn” because I am in my 37 weeks, waiting for my baby to come out and now, I can roughly know what to expect ;) .

    I guess, Cloth Diapering can be a bit challenging but hey, it’s a learning and adapting process that we have to go through.

    So, the key is to be PATIENT and NEVER GIVE UP.

    So, you take care there and don’t worry too much. Things will definitely gets better ;) .

  10. farheavena Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you so much for all your comments. I’m sorry, I would reply to all comments personally, but right now I’m very very caught up with things. Just want everyone to know that I read each and every one of your advice and I really appreciate them. Keep them coming.

    Thank you again!

  11. Jamie Zali Says:

    Dear Farhana,

    Congratulation for your new born baby! I am crazy on modern cloth diapers. I cloth diapering my son that is now 4 months old. At first my hubby not really buying the idea of cloth diapering our baby. But after a while he start to like it and now he starts to talk about CD to his friend. Overall cloth Diapering not only save money and environment but its healthy for our baby. Be patient dear…Everything will be going well smoothly.

  12. Janet Says:

    Congrats Farhana! Yr baby boy is beautiful. Dun get caught up with CD thingy if things dun go yr way during yr confinement period cos it’s easy to get post natal deppression esp first time breastfeeding moms. U just need lots of practices and wait for yr boy to grow bigger. One great tip to dry yr inserts n prefold – in the air-con room if the sun is not strong enough.

    Take good rest!!!

  13. Adriana Says:

    I think that the real challenge here is to cope with CDing AND caring for your firstborn :) But from what I can tell, the root issue here is sizing, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks he will fit into his dipes.

    I also want to echo other ppl’s comments about dispos being more prone to leaks. We had at least one poop-splosion daily in the first few months with Aqil, but we never had it with Afraz who was in CDs from the start. I think leaking is just an inescapable part of dealing with breastfed newborn runny poop! At least it doesn’t smell as bad as FF poop… :p

  14. farheavena Says:

    Yes, I think as much as I’m excited about cloth diapering, I feel it is most important to take care of my baby’s needs (and mine too sometimes!) The thing is, I don’t have too much help during my confinement, so that’s what’s REALLY hindering my Cloth Diapering journey…

    I’ll get into it soon, I’m determined! :)

  15. Melissa Says:

    Congrats on the new baby! Keep at the cding and you’ll get it:) It’s so worth it!

  16. Jill Says:

    Congrats on the newbie! Hope it all goes well for you.

  17. Lily Says:

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