My Saffa Cloth Pads Package is Here! :-D

saffa pads

Lalala! My cloth pads package has arrived!! *happy* Always happy to receive fluffy mail (but this time it’s MUMMY’S fluffy mail ;) )

These are Saffa pads from Mum7kids. I bought 3 packages worth RM43 each, plus shipping which includes:

  • 1 pantyliner
  • 1 medium pad
  • 1 heavy pad

(so I have 9 pieces altogether)

First Impressions:

  • Medium Pads: I love the looks of these! Very well made, it’s contoured and shapely. Looks very comfortable, and the printed flannel are really cute!
  • Heavy Pads: Made from fleece material on the surface, so it feels very soft. They look so HUGE and bulky though, looks quite intimidating. I am wondering whether they’ll be comfortable for use. But it is called “Heavy” pads for a very functional reason right? On second thought, I think those disposable overnight/maxi pads from the supermarket are way THICKER compare to these…
  • Pantyliners: Seemed to be larger than my previous Mama Patch pantyliners (read my review of that here). We’ll see how these will fare.
  • The prints are really fun, you can choose the fabric and color combinations since it’s made to order. How nice is that!

Saffa medium pads – I really liked these (photo from Mum7Kids).

I really think this is a deal. You may buy the Saffa cloth pads/pantyliners individually, but when you add them all up, it is definitely cheaper to buy in bulk packages like this. There are other package combinations available too.

This will be my first time trying out cloth pads, previously I have only used cloth pantyliners (and I’m a convert – no more disposable panty liners for me please!) I’m planning to use these during my postpartum period soon in February, will post up a review on them when I get the chance :)

You can check out these Saffa brand homemade cloth pads by Mum7Kids here: Mum7Kids.

P.S: Oh, I’m also waiting for another cloth pad package from SNUGG too. *hehehe* Is this one cloth pad too many? *shrugs* I’m planning to convert FULLY to cloth anyway, so I think this would be a good starting stash for myself :)

Read also about Cloth Pads/Liners in Malaysia and my very first experience with cloth pantyliner from Mama Patch.

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  1. lisa Says:

    hie farhana i am fully converted to cloth pad for my last 2 cycle already…i wont want to turn back to disposable pad already..;) I believe u gonna love it too!!

  2. siti serenity Says:

    farhana, saffa pads are great. just remember not to rub the flannel surface against each other when u wash. i did that and it became ‘berbulu’ a bit. happy using cloth!

  3. farheavena Says:

    yes, i think the berbulu bit is quite a problem from frequent use and washing… I notice it on flannel, but on other materials (like fleece), i don’t know if it happens.

  4. adriana Says:

    i’m so glad you’re converting to cloth! i wish i had cloth pads after i gave birth to my first son. i bet it would’ve felt much nicer on my epi stitches than dispos! post-partum bleeding was soooo much more comfortable with my 2nd delivery, thanks to CPs.

  5. farheavena Says:

    I love using cloth pads. I’m a convert! Will put up a review on these soon :)

  6. azizah abas Says:

    I like to use the cloth pads. Cute and nice.

  7. Nisa Says:

    hi there, very happy that u switch out to cloth…try out these …u might like them too..

  8. Nina Says:

    I’ve bought some Saffa CPs too, but yet to be prewashed. Would love to read your review on them.

  9. liza ramli Says:


    mana saya nak beli yer? ghee~~

  10. LE Lady Store Says:

    For more cloth pads choices with affordable price, please visit

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