Newborn Baby’s Shopping List @ Baby Layette

(Shopping List Keperluan Bayi Baru Lahir)

Not that this is really so related to CLOTH DIAPERS , but I’m baby shopping! No, not shopping for BABIES silly, I’m shopping for baby stuff (so much FUN! :-D ) I will be expecting next February Insyaallah, and I thought I made myself a really kick a** baby shopping list. I felt sorry for not sharing it with other future mother-to-bes, so here it is. Hope someone else would find it useful, and use it as a guideline for their newborn baby shopping too :) Toodles!~

*This list was compiled from various resources, and it is based on my own personal needs (and wants)*


  • Long sleeve rompers (x2) –RM10-15
  • Short sleeve rompers (x3) –RM10-15
  • T-shirts, long/short (x4)
  • Pants (x3)
  • Sweater (x1)
  • Hats/Bonnets (x2) –RM4
  • Socks/booties n mitten set (x4) –RM5
  • Shawl/swaddle blanket (x2) –RM30


  • Baby cot
  • Baby mattress
  • Waterproof mattress cover (x1) –RM15
  • Sleeping bag (x1) –RM50
  • Baby bumper (x1) –RM30
  • Fitted bed sheet (x3)
  • Light blanket (x1)


  • Bottles and teats (x4)
  • Sterilizing tablets, bottle brushes
  • Burp cloths (x10)
  • Bibs (x5)


  • Stroller
  • Car seat
  • Baby carrier/Baby sling –RM100-200
  • Baby diaper bag/travel bag


  • Hooded towels (x2) –RM30
  • Baby washcloth/small face towels (x3) –RM20
  • Bathtub –RM30
  • Non-slip mat for tub –RM15
  • Waterproof changing mat (x2) –RM15
  • Toiletries: baby wash,lotion,diaper cream,cotton buds,cotton pad,powder,baby wipes
  • Medical kit: thermometer,nail clipper,nasal aspirator,medicine spoon/syringe
  • Baby comb n brush set
  • Diapers: cloth or disposables :-D (x 2 dozen) *Let’s not get started on THAT topic yeah?*
  • Diaper pail/Wetbags
  • Kain lampins (x 1 dozen)


  • Baby books and toys (rattles,mobiles)
  • Baby detergent –RM30
  • Minyak angin baby


  • Nursing bras (x3) –RM20-30
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads
  • Breast pump

Question: What do you think of my list? Did I miss out on anything? What are your other essentials in the newborn baby shopping list?

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  1. Khadijah Says:

    Salam, I am also trying to prepare for my coming baby next month (could be earlier.. gee!)
    Among other things:

    - kelambu baby (if there are mosquitos in ur house) / insect repellent (natural ones are made of seraiwangi)

    - electric water heater (you fill water in, it will boil it and keep it warm)
    - water filter outside the house and at the sink
    - icebox and ice blocks for EBM
    - if possible, small fridge / fridge-to-go to store EBM at office
    - if fridge at home is too small, extra fridge/freezer for EBM
    - Medela FS breastpump

    - i found non-SLS baby bath at Giant, sold for RM5.99 for 2 tubs

    - flushable liners
    - fleece liners
    - detergents for diapers
    - if possible, another washing machine just for diapers
    - laundry bags – for anything that has elastic
    - biodegradable disposable diapers e.g. Moltex brand ( will have to DD-ing at least in the first days in the hospital and while we don’t have enough guts to wash meconiums)
    - 1 or 2 wool leggings/pants
    - cd covers

  2. farheavena Says:

    Hi Miss Kathy (can I call you that, hehe). Thanks for the additions!

    I think I should make a special list specially for DIAPERING itself. Betul tak? Hehe

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