15 Most Popular Cloth Diaper Brands

This is not a local list, this is an international compilation of the most popular brands of cloth diapers. :) I did some extensive researching and this was what I came up with, and I really think it’s a useful list! If you surf for cloth diapers online, most probably you would encounter these brands one way or another. Our own Malaysian cloth diaper e-shops or blogshops too carry many of these brands online. It will be helpful to know and familiarize yourself with these cloth diaper brands so it will be easier for you to choose your CDs :) Most of the brands below are well-known for One-size Pocket Diapers, so we can see that these type of cloth diapers really are the most popular ones around.

Hopefully one day we can compile a list for MALAYSIAN CLOTH DIAPERS, yay! We need more Malaysian Cloth Diaper brands, step on it entrepreneurial Malaysians or Mommies! ;)

I will also start a list soon for local or more regional cloth diaper brands which might be more relevant to our Asians’ needs (and pockets) ;)


(in no particular order)

  1. Bummis: Very popular for their Diaper Covers
  2. Bum Genius: One of America’s top one-size Pocket Diaper brand
  3. Fuzzi Bunz: Very famous for their Pocket Diapers
  4. Drybees: A favorite is the frilly Lacies diapers & Bamboo One Size Diapers
  5. Kissaluvs: Popular for Newborn size diapers, especially Fitted Diapers
  6. Happy Heiny’s: One-size Pocket Diapers and All-In-Ones are well-known
  7. Thirsties: Another very famous brand for Diaper Covers
  8. Rumparooz: For its one-size Pocket Cloth Diapers
  9. GroBaby: Popular for its All-In-Ones and All-In-Twos Diapers
  10. Bumwear: The prints on their Pocket Diapers are what sets them apart!
  11. Loveybums: If you want Wool covers and Organic diapers, this is it!
  12. Swaddlebees: A good choice for Fitted Diapers
  13. Baby Kangas: One Size Pouch Diapers are very functional and popular
  14. Wahmies: For their one size Pocket Diapers (and wetbags).
  15. Proraps: Their Classic Diaper Cover is always a bestseller

I’m sure you have heard of MANY of these brands right? Which ones do you have in your Cloth Diaper collection? Share with us!

Source: Babyzone.com and Diaper Pin

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  1. Mummy to Baby V Says:

    Great effort in compiling this list! Must have been tough coming up with the 15 since there are soooo many fabulous diapers nowadays. Yup, I love Bummis covers, Drybees (for their prints & ease of use) and Happy Heinys (generous sizing & gentle elastics for chubby thighs).

    My other favourites are Green Acre Design (GAD, Mid-weight fleece & One-size semi pocket) and Knickernappies (very trim side-snapping diapers & absorbent yet trim LoopyDos and SuperDos).

  2. Mummy to Baby V Says:

    Oh, and the latest Moo Moo Kow from Singapore, which is sure to kick up a great storm in 2010!!! :)

    Mummy to Baby V

  3. Hanz Says:

    Farhana, Itti Bitti is not on the list? It’s a favourite for its trimness & snug fitting yet high absorption capacity. I used it for night-time diapering. Agree with the rest in the list. Been thinking to try fuzzibunz but flowery prints? hehehe…
    Btw, i never seen Happy Heinys in AIO…is it available locally? I lurve Happy Heinys for it’s generous sizing!

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