12 Tips on Cleaning, Washing & Drying Cloth Diapers

Line drying CDs in the sun is the best option

Line drying CDs in the sun is the best option

(Petua Cloth Diaper – 12 Petua Membasuh, Mencuci & Mengeringkan Cloth Diaper)

One of the most important things about cloth diapering is that we need to care for them well. If you want your cloth diapers to last you a long time, you  really have to learn how to clean, wash and dry them the right way. This way, your cloth diapers may last your baby from newborn until he’s 3 years old, or even reuse them for your next babies, resold, or given away! That’s what we call value and saving costs right? :)

Here are some tips about cloth diaper care:

  • Make use of the bright Malaysian sun! Drying in the sun can help remove stains naturally.It’s free too!
  • Prewash your cloth diapers: Minimum 1-2 times for new CDs before using to ensure adequate absorbency.
  • Don’t use fabric softener or bleach (Clorox): It will spoil the fibers of the cloth diapers.
  • Hang your diapers to dry: To ensure it retains its shape.
  • Wash cloth diapers properly! Use the right kind of soap and washing cycle
  • Don’t use diaper cream with cloth diapers: It can leave stains on the diaper, unless you use a special type of cream for CDs
  • Learn the right way to wash your cloth diapers before you start CD-ing. This is to avoid stripping (act of removing stains on CDs that will spoil your CDs faster).
  • Be careful of the soaps/detergents used with cloth diapers: You don’t want to disintegrate or spoil the fibers. (A US detergent guide -I hope someone can come out with a Malaysian list :( )
  • Ensure cloth diapers dry properly: Or you will get a smelly damp smell on them.
  • Clean out the washing machine: Remove build up and dirt that will stick to your cloth diapers. Once in a while, use vinegar, baking soda with hot water and let it run in the machine once or twice.
  • Use vinegar to help control smells: It also helps to remove stains
  • Lemon juice: Can also be used as a natural stain remover for cloth diapers.
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  1. puan punyer Says:

    farah, really hope kalau ada sesiapa bleh share pasal softener yg bleh guna utk Cd coz i did baca kt oversea ada softener yg bleh pakai. adakah kat msia ni yer?

  2. farheavena Says:

    Interesting thing you brought up!

    I’ll do my research and post up and article soon. Thanks for visiting and giving me the idea :)

  3. Habibah Says:

    i really need to know when and how to do strip wash.
    and i read somewhere here that there are a few local brands of detergent that can be use to wash CDs. Can you give the link? thanks a lot

  4. Hanum Says:

    just nak tanya, CD dan insert memang langsung tak boleh masuk mesin pengering ke? Atau sesekali boleh?

  5. Farhana (ClothDiaperMalaysia) Says:

    Salam Hanum,

    Tidak digalakkan, kerana mungkin boleh mempercepatkan “wear n tear” CD itu… Lagipun dengan cuaca Malaysia yang panas dan bermatahari, amat sesuai untuk dikeringkan di bawah chaya matahari… Jimat kos dan tenaga elektrik! :)

  6. LIEYA Says:

    nk minta permission utk share info nie..tq

  7. Farhana (ClothDiaperMalaysia) Says:

    Dialu-alukan… Link kan balik di sini supaya kita semua pun boleh tengok blog Lieya :)

  8. HaniHasrey Says:

    sy nk tanye, stip wash tu mcmana ek? sy baru lg dgn CD ni. thanks…

  9. HaniHasrey Says:

    salah eja plak. strip wash. :)

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