10 Things to do Before you Start Cloth Diapering

Arh!! Seronoknya kalau ada Cloth Diaper collection yang macam ni!!

Arh!! Seronoknya kalau ada Cloth Diaper collection yang macam ni!!

(Petua Cloth Diaper – 10 Langkah Sebelum Menggunakan Cloth Diaper)

Starting to cloth diaper from scratch might be overwhelming. It seems like there are so many things to learn and get used to, but don’t be hasty in your decision to buy a dozen of cloth diapers when you’re clueless about the subject. To avoid any costly mistakes, you should plan and research well before you commit fully to buying and using cloth diapers for your baby. You MUST do some of the things here before you start buying and accumulating your CD stock.

Here are some guidelines for beginners who would like to try out cloth diapers but don’t know where to begin. I started off as a beginner too, and these really helped me a lot :)

  • Decide! Do you want to cloth diaper fully, part-time (e.g: only during the day), or once in a while (eg: weekends only)?
  • Research! Read and learn about cloth diapers -the internet, books, forums, reviews, etc to gain as much info as possible about the topic.
  • Network online: Subscribe and bookmark mom’s cloth diaper blogs and meet CD moms on Twitter/Facebook, they’re happy to share their experience (Tip: Look for Malaysians!)
  • Budget: Estimate how many cloth diapers you want to buy according to your baby’s needs, and your budget (cheap, mid-range or expensive brands?). Also consider preloved/second hand CDs.
  • Be realistic: If you are busy and don’t have time to wash CDs, you might need more CDs. Or, you may start off half-half: use CDs and disposables together for convenience.
  • Look around: Check out where you can buy cloth diapers in Malaysia, which websites, what brands, etc. Start comparing prices.
  • Establish a suitable amount of CD stock. You should have enough supplies to last you 1 day, or for a few days if you don’t wash your CDs every day (or if it rains and they don’t dry).
  • Buy a few first: Buy different types of diapers in the beginning to try out which is the most suitable for your use.
  • Try different brands: After that, decide whether you want to invest in more cloth diapers of the same brands.
  • Make it work! CD-ing might be difficult in the beginning, but you learn along the way. If you have problems initially, look for support, keep experimenting and don’t give up easily!

In conclusion, start off slowly, and learn along the way. You might make mistakes or screw up along the way (leaks, CDs don’t fit, washing troubles, etc) but that is how you gain all the experience to be a full cloth diapering parent! Do what’s best for you, and Good luck!

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  1. sherina Says:

    saya rasa cara paling best is browse internet! Semua ada. Tp betul susah cket nak cari yg khas utk malaysia ni..

  2. farheavena Says:

    Yer, saya amat setuju dengan anda Sherina. Tapi internet ni terlalu luas, kadang2 pening kepala nak cari info merata-rata betul tak?

  3. mama hanis Says:

    looking for information is easy. but to read the whole thing at once,then again and again..arghh..make me soooo addicted and confused too.Until at one time, i even dreamed of them at night…haha…but now everything is normal again…But, my decision to change into cloth diapering is the best decision ever.Only that i still cannot convince my sisters to use CD. They said, ” CDs are great for the wealthy people only”…NO laahhh…

  4. farheavena Says:

    That’s why i like to write the articles here simple and plain. Straight to the point. Hopefully to cut all the bunga-bunga and just to inform the important points :) Hope you find the articles helpful yeah mama hanis! :)

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